Prince Charles told not to do, getting the crown


Принц Чарльз рассказал, что не будет делать, получив коронуHe never supported any political party.

Britain’s Prince Charles announced that when he becomes king, he will not speak on socio-political issues.

The successor to the British throne said that when you become the monarch, will operate within the “constitutional parameters”.

He stressed that he never supported any political party.

On the question of whether to continue his public service and after his accession to the throne, Charles replied: “No. I’m not so narrow-minded. I accept that to be sovereign is another matter. So, of course, I fully understand how it will work.”

The Prince of Wales for decades publicly with issues related to environmental protection. He also expressed a relatively modern architecture and has repeatedly appealed to the members of the government about issues that concern. Many have regarded as interference in the competence of Ministers.

Indicates that in private conversations Charles has made more Frank statements. In particular, in 2014, he allegedly compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler, however officially the fact of such statements never confirmed.

69-year-old Prince of Wales is first in line for the British crown in case of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


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