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The Essential mobile Phone (aka — Essential PH-1, here is our review), developed by the “father” of the operating system Android Andy Rubin and had as it seemed initially, enormous potential, as it is known, flopped in sales and was discontinued.

After reports of the sale of business and reduction of personnel, many have decided that the history of Essential Products over, and not having properly begin. But Andy Rubin, it seems, is still able to keep the startup afloat and now he wants to give his creation a second chance, reports the with reference to

Earlier we already heard that Essential Products is developing a new type of smartphone, which essentially needs to be controlled by voice commands. And yesterday, Andy Rubin has published numerous photos of a very unusual concept smartphone Project Gem, which in the end may be the most Essential Phone 2. Its main feature is an incredibly elongated screen.

Manufacturers have long been experimenting with form factors, but particularly active, which is not surprising in the current stagnant market. Everyone is trying to invent a new iPhone, which will turn the smartphone market. We offer to your attention photos showing many of the early prototypes of the smartphone Project Gem in different colors.

In the photo you can see the prototypes in four bright colors. It is impossible not to notice a mirror gloss finish. The case is constructed using special material GEM Colorshift, who actually provides this effect.

The front facing camera embedded in the active display area in the upper left part of the front panel. Frames are of equal thickness around the perimeter, but visually they seem wide. Perhaps in the serial device they will be thinner.

On the rear panel is a large single chamber, protruding well above the surface. Below the camera unit, you notice the round recess under the fingerprint scanner. You can also see the familiar physical control buttons on the facets. That is, Essential Products did not go on about fashion screens-waterfalls without any buttons.

In General, the concept underlying the ideas of the Gem Project, does not seem directly a 100% success rate. At least for now. Smartphones with extended screens are not a gimmick. All the latest Sony smartphones, including the recently presented Xperia 8 are equipped with extended screens. In addition, we can recall the Xiaomi Qin 2, which now holds the title of an elongated smartphone in history.

Photo not allow to fully evaluate the interface, but they can see applications like Calendar, Maps, Weather, Spotify and Uber. That is, the development Project is clearly a Gem is in its final stage.

Characteristics of the device were not disclosed, but previously XDA-Developers pointed out on Android and Qualcomm Snapdragon 730. It was also reported that the Gem will activate the voice assistant touch pad on the rear panel.

Himself Andy Rubin, the Gem Project calls phone a completely new type, which allows a new look at mobile device. That is, the Gem Project — the same “breath of fresh air” that will revive the market. As will be actually, look.

Interestingly, on the background of the Project Gem, you notice a dog-robot from Boston Dynamics SpotMini. Recently, Boston Dynamics has started the first deliveries SpotMini several major customers. At the time ruby was actively involved in the purchase of Google company Boston Dynamics in 2013. Four years later, the parent holding Alphabet resold Boston Dynamics, and with it, and Schaft, a Japanese giant SoftBank.

Known insider Ice Universe reports that the aspect ratio of the display is 36:9.


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