Presents a new theory of the brain


Представлена новая теория работы мозга“The theory of thousands of brains” suggests that each area of the neocortex generates its own complete object model.

The specialists reminded that the higher functions of the brain performs the neocortex (new cortex), man sprawling large folds. Here come the analysis of sensory information and the conscious mind are generated motor commands and the speech.

“It is assumed that the neocortex is working, creating and constantly updating a model of the surrounding world, objects, people and themselves in it. However, the mechanism of action of neurons of the neocortex remains a mystery, and regularly there are new hypotheses on its functioning”, – stated in the message.

This idea was announced recently, Jeff Hawkins and his colleagues at Numenta, which specializiruetsya on the development of systems of artificial intelligence, a reproducing device of a living brain.

“The theory of thousands of brains” suggests that each area of the neocortex generates its own complete object model, and remote communications allow them to work simultaneously, forming the illusion of a holistic perception of the world.

Scientists have turned to “neurons” grid characteristic of the entorhinal cortex of the temporal lobes of the brain.

They form a hexagonal structure and are activated depending on the movement of the animal within the imaginary spatial lattice, reflecting its position and orientation (in 2014, for the discovery of this mechanism were awarded the Nobel prize). Hawkins and his co-authors suggested that similar structures may be present throughout the neocortex and in each of them formed their own model of perceived objects.

“If the neurons in the lattice indicate the position in space of one object, the body, then we assume that the “neurons” grid in the neocortex simultaneously displays the position of many objects,” said the researchers.

The cortex of the human brain is organized from groups of hundreds of neurons in a multilayer stacked vertical column.

“Columns in somatosensory cortex can track the position of haptic object properties, and columns in visual cortex – visual”, – said the scientists.

“The theory of thousands of brains” suggests that the variety of such models exist in the neocortex in parallel, long-distance communication between neurons allow you to sync them.

On the basis of the new crust is not hierarchical formation of a unified models of the world, and a complex network of interaction between many “small” models.


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