Presents a new e-book PocketBook 740


Russia announced a new e-book with a large screen and e-ink. The model is positioned as the flagship, as indicated by the very thin frame around the screen – a trend that came from the world of smartphones.

Dimensions 740 PocketBook made 195х137х8 mm and weighs 210 grams, is in size it is comparable to the 6-inch models, but here is a screen of 7.8 inch high resolution 1872х1404 pixel, and even with color backlight, brightness can be changed, as well as tone – from bright white to bright orange, depending on preference. Hardware PocketBook 740 includes a 2-core processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, but the other options for whatever reasons not disclosed.

The book has cloud support Cloud PocketBook, in which you can store books and documents to sync with devices on iOS or Android. According to preliminary data, the amount of internal in the book of memory will be 8 GB, and RAM will get 1 GB, so interesting features here include only a narrow frame display. Book PocketBook 740 is 15 000 rubles, and the price includes 500 free books in 10 languages have already been recorded in the memory device. The start of sales has already taken place.


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