Presented the new operating system from Huawei


Harmony OS to replace Android

Because of U.S. sanctions, Huawei now can not fully use the Android. She lost not only the opportunity to consult and cooperate with Google, but also use any of its services, including Gmail, Chrome, YouTube and many others. Obviously, all this is nothing good, and that’s why the electronics manufacturer is preparing to begin mass transfer all my electronics, part smartphone brand platform called Harmony OS, which is currently actively underway. This platform will destroy the “green robot”, at least believes that the leadership of the Chinese Corporation, reports the with reference to Portaltele.

Because Huawei will no longer be able to use their new smartphones to popular services like Google Play, G Pay, G Maps, G-Chrome, Gmail, and many others, the company is considering the option of complete rejection of the use of Android. At the briefing of the exhibition IFA 2019 Executive Director of Huawei Richard Yu told reporters that if the “search giant” in fact, this fall, will prohibit the brand to use its branded services, you will have to start using their own platform called Harmony OS, because there is no other way out of this whole situation simply does not.

On this basis it is obvious that all force developers Huawei now left to create a proprietary operating system smartphones which can start to emerge at the end of this year, while Android will completely refuse. However, if Harmony OS is not ready yet, its release may be delayed until spring 2019, and the first smartphone running based on this platform out of the box, Huawei will be P40, that is the flagship. The success of the new operating system depends not only on its quality but also on how much software developers for Android and iOS will want to release their creations and for her.

Also Richard Yu said that if Huawei will no longer have access to ARM technology, it will create a processor on the basis of its own architecture, that is, to abandon the production of mobile devices, the brand has no plans. Yes, it will cause the Corporation a huge inconvenience, but the long-term, they may even be useful, as the company will be completely independent, resulting in then ever in the future put her in this position, it definitely can not. Their company processes, the manufacturer is ready to use, not only in its products but also to provide them to any other companies that’ll be interested.


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