Presented smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Redmi 6 and 6A with the same design


The company Xiaomi officially announced the Redmi budget smartphone Redmi 6 and 6A are very similar to each other and at the same time very affordable. Unfortunately, there is no processor from Qualcomm, but, fortunately, no CPU and Spreadtrum.

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6, a senior in the lineup, has the new CPU MediaTek Helio P22 – 12-nanometry with a frequency of 2 GHz eight cores. The device screen supports a resolution of HD+ at a diagonal 5.45 inches, microSD slot, LTE modem, two SIM card slots, 3 or 4 GB of RAM and drive on 32 or 64 gigabytes. the camera of the smartphone has a matrix of 5 megapixels in the front and 12+5 MP rear and data protection is provided by the facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner. Monoblock comes with a 3000 mAh battery and plastic housing 8 millimeters.

The low-end smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A has the same design and display and new processor MediaTek Helio A22, which is weaker than P22, but more powerful Qualcomm 425. Its frequency is 2 GHz, and the cores it has 4. The smartphone is offered without fingerprint reader, with memory 2-16 GB, battery 3000 mAh, and the cameras 5 and 13 Megapixels. Face detection available. 6A Xiaomi Redmi runs on Android 8.1 Go with firmware MIUI and Xiaomi Redmi Android 6 has full 8.1, also with MIUI. Smartphones cost between $125 and $95, depending on the version and will go on sale two days later in gray, pink, blue and gold body colours.


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