Presented smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pro J2 without access to the Internet


Announced a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pro J2 of a number of inexpensive that will allow you to spend much more time with family and friends, though he will do it very dramatically. The fact that he had no access to the Internet, and none at all.

The Samsung Galaxy Pro J2 is blocking mode 3G, LTE and even Wi-Fi, which will save many hours of personal time without useless scroll through tapes of social networks. This mode is very useful if the smartphone is bought by the pupil or an elderly person – first is not able to pump games into thousands of rubles, and the second will not allow ignorance to visit some website with virus. J2 Samsung Galaxy Pro is a budget smartphone with a screen of 4.9 inches Super AMOLED qHD, battery 2600 mAh, RAM of 1.5 GB and a CPU at 4 cores with a frequency 1,4 GHz. It runs on Android 7.1 from Google Nougat and has no plans to upgrade to Android 8 Oreo, but it has two slots for SIM-cards, 16 GB of ROM and a slot for the microSD card.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is guaranteed to fail in selling on the world market, and will not save him, no lock mode – the thing is that at the current rate it costs in the region of 12 000 rubles, and it is when buying directly in Korea, and we all know that for the same money you can buy a much more advanced unit from you know what brand (Xiaomi, Yes).


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