Presented a modified Chevrolet Suburban


Представлен доработанный Chevrolet SuburbanAmerican SUV “pumped” in full.

Remember the show Pimp My Ride? It was organized by the famous rapper Xzibit. This program, under which old cars get a second life. They repaired and equipped with sometimes very countries things nevertheless, like their owners. The show was quite popular in its time .

Yes, many cars after tuning from Xzibit received a somewhat unusual appearance. But hardly any of them can compare with this instance of the American SUV Chevy Suburban.

A team of enthusiasts from Titusville, Florida (USA), obviously inspired by the work of rapper and decided to present its own variant tuning.

The Chevrolet Suburban in 2007 turned into a huge “Christmas tree”. The body of the car got bright green paint, to cover which, according to the project’s Creator TJ Dickinson took the most time – six months, to be exact.

Besides, it is also hard to miss around 2000 LEDs, which illuminate the SUV, both inside and outside, and huge 32-inch wheels in Moscow.

This is not the standard 2007 Chevrolet Suburban are not difficult to pay attention though, because it is equipped with six 15-inch subwoofers Ground Zero and 24 pieces of 10-inch speakers. Dickinson obviously like loud music.

According to Mr. Dickinson for his version of a full-size SUV offered $ 70 000.


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