Presentation of Bethesda at E3 may be the longest in history


Презентация Bethesda на E3 может оказаться самой долгой в историиThe prezentantsiey Bethesda at E3 2018 will be held June 11 at 04:30 am.

Senior Vice President of marketing Pete Hines (Pete Hines) said that the presentation of Bethesda Softworks at E3 2018 may be the longest in the history of publishing. Therefore, companies clearly have something to show. And a teaser of one of the announcements already actively fills the Network.

Bethesda has posted on his Twitter a few pictures. They are clearly related to each other because colored copious amounts of pink.

What this means to the end is unclear but, as suggested by the most visionary fans, Bethesda will arrange some announcement on may 14. The clock on big Ben stopped at 5:14, and on the rocket you can see the room 5-14. Hence the guess about the date of the announcement.

Looking at the bowl predictions, the community saw two potential games that can show Bethesda. The first option — Rage 2. On the eve of the publishing house commented on the rumors about the sequel, and in his playful rebuke to the side of Walmart also used the pink color.

The second option is a Starfield. This is supposedly a space adventure of unprecedented scale, which is now engaged in a Bethesda Game Studios. Gossip about Starfield go for a long time, but nothing significant we haven’t heard yet. The chain of reasoning that led some fans here, sounds simple (albeit somewhat stiffly): “Rocket → Space → Starfield”.

Recall that Bethesda also heavily teases the audience in addition to Prey. Given the number of hints at this stage, it will be surprising if the company will show something for mind games from Arkane!

The prezentantsiey Bethesda at E3 2018 will be held June 11 at 04:30 am.


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