Preparing for the New year: experts named the five best diets


Готовимся к Новому году: специалисты назвали пять лучших диет Recommendations from celebrities.

Celebrities are always in view, and look at the same time they need to perfect.

That is why star beauties are not wasting your time on experiments with diets – they bring the body in shape only proven methods, which use years. Share their secrets with you!

Megan Fox

As soon as beauty Megan there is a need to lose weight, she immediately goes to paleodiet. This principle of nutrition is to eat only those foods that were available to primitive man: meat, vegetables and fruit. Also time extra weight loss, the actress is completely thrown out dairy, legumes, sugar and alcohol.

Victoria Beckham

The wife of the legendary football player known for her sense of style and incredibly slim figure. However, as it turned out, nothing is impossible. You can look exactly the same if, like Vic, will pay attention to the alkaline diet. According to its rules, add in the daily diet of foods with alkaline properties (whole-grain cereals, milk, fruits and vegetables – especially spinach and celery). But from starchy vegetables, coffee, eggs, mayonnaise and many other products should be abandoned.

Jennifer Aniston

One of the main heroines of the series “Friends”, Rachel green, from the first series won the entire male half of the viewers her slim, seductive figure. And now, 20 years later, the body of the actress looks so perfect. Magic? Not at all: the star has long adhered to the system of fractional power by Barry Simms, which involves at each meal to eat 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates. For maximum results Jennifer combines a diet with a power system developed by her personal trainer.

Kim Kardashian

You probably remember that after the first child Kim quickly regained his old form, dropping more than 20 extra pounds. As admitted by the star herself, to achieve the desired result helped her Atkins diet. The secret of diet to increase dietary protein intake (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, cheese) and reduce carbohydrates (bread, coffee, sugar, cereals).


Someone advocated vegetarianism, some strongly opposed. But beyoncé seems to have found a middle ground: it becomes a “vegetarian” only when he wants to lose a few extra pounds.

For 22 days the singer exclude from their diet all products of animal origin, replacing them with vegetables, fruits and cereals.


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