Pregnant Ukrainian singer boasted a Russian award


Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov became the laureates of the Russian magazine.

Famous TV host Regina todorenko and her beloved of Vlad Topalov became the laureates of the Russian magazine OK! At the event they, in fact, were the main contenders for victory in the nomination “the Couple of the year”. The event was covered in InstŠ°gram.

The picture shows happy TV shows Flirty language. In tight-fitting grey dress she looks especially impressive. Pregnancy Regina in this outfit automatically attracts the eyes of any who see the photo.

“We @vladtopalovofficial became a couple years, but now on our shoulders the mission even more important, as my husband says: “to BECOME PARENTS of the YEAR”!” – commented on the victory of Regina on the page in InstŠ°gram.

Its members expressed the hope that the couple will find their common way of life for years to come.

“They found each other perfectly,” writes one reader.


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