Potential traitors: the algorithm Facebook said the Russians are willing to treason


Потенциальные предатели: алгоритм Facebook отметил россиян, готовых к госизменеThis algorithm even sounds wildly undemocratic.

“The betrayal was included as a category given its historical significance. Because it is an illegal activity, we removed it,” – said the representative of the social network.

“Officially, the Internet in Russia is not censored. But the methods that Facebook probably inadvertently provided by the Russian authorities to help state agencies systematically track marked as potential traitors of the people”, – commented on the incident academician in the University of Aarhus in Denmark Mette Skak.

Although the social network does not directly reveal the interests of users, advertisers can easily identify. For example, by launching an advertising targeting exclusively for residents of Russia, to include “interested in change” and then record the IP addresses of people who clicked on the ad.

In may, Facebook had accidentally published the personal data of millions of users. It happened because of a failure in the social network during the testing of new functions.


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