Potap boasted a photo of new clothes


Alex Potapenko showed a photo on the street in new jacket.

Famous Ukrainian rapper and producer Alexey Potapenko, who is credited with an affair with the singer Nastya Kamenskih, often pleases fans with new pictures on his page in social network Instagram. So, this time the captain showed a funny photo where posing on a Sunny street in a stylish outfit.

The photo that appeared in the account Potap, he appeared on a review of public in tight blue jeans and white t-shirt with an original print, over which he threw a camouflage jacket with lots of pockets. On his feet he black-and-white sneakers, and on his head there is no cap, which the captain does not leave almost never. The fans noted that the rapper lost a lot of weight and even look younger on the background of weight loss.

In the caption, Alex Potapenko wrote: “Gave the jacket – wearing”. And although the artist is not revealed who made him a gift, his fans figured it out. Fans did not remain indifferent and began to actively discuss a new photo Potap. Fans poured the artist a compliment, because they love its cool, stylish character, but most of the compliments went to the fact that the rapper lost a lot of weight.

“Who gave Nastya?”, “Ah, the taste of your girl good! The jacket is fire, was Given a jacket on! Potap pretty thin”, “Tina gave?”, “Tina is not wrong to give”, “Super jacket, it suits You”, “you look Great”, “Handsome”, “the Sleeves are not too tight?”, “Potap You look great! Weight loss You renewed and refreshed! I wish You health and prosperity!”, “You look great”, “Very slim”, “you look Great, Alex. I think even that’s not a jacket”, “Potap cool you look younger by 10 years” – write in the comments to the photo.


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