Potap and Nastya Kamensky boasted results of weight loss


Ukrainian Duo pleases fans of his appearance and each day they are getting better.

Potap shared on his page in Instagram a recent photo taken in the street near his car. The picture shows the singer and producer in one person captured in stylish clothes, but most importantly is his postroynevshaya figure, to tear off a sight from which I can fans.

Nastya Kamensky not far behind his colleagues and also shows the results of weight loss. The singer starred in a photo shoot for their brand of sports clothing, and one of the pictures shared on Instagram. No one could lose sight of the fact that the waist Nastya became a “wasp”.

Potap and Nastya swimming in the compliments from their followers: “Potapchik, you’re so thin) So thin!”, “Nepereversheny estimation!”, “Nastya, you are the most beautiful! Cool lost!”, and their new photos gather thousands of likes from enthusiastic users of the social network.


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