Posted the trailer for the fourth season PUBG


The fourth season starts in PUBG July 24.

PUBG Corporation has published a cinematic trailer for the fourth season of game PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, which will begin July 24.

The video gives some clues about the history of Arangala, original card PUBG, reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

The video shows the story of a boy who lived in Arangala in 1965. Came the tragedy in which the hero was the only survivor. Now it is responsible for organizing the “battle Royal” in the territory which once was his home. He turned the battle into a repetitive event is a chance to show someone that he can survive.

Also, the creators said that the map of Arangel gets the updated version and it will be a new season pass that will include the mission in cooperative mode. In addition, expect an updated interface.

Also, the developers PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds has published a new blog, in which he spoke about the upcoming changes to the matchmaking system. PUBG Corporation plan to update mechanisms the selection of maps, region and mode for the game, and to introduce a new variable that will be considered in the selection of games is the network latency (ping). selection of players will be different for different regions depending on the time required to find opponents.


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