Posted a photo with a touching wedding of Tonya Matvienko and Arsen Mirzoyan


Became known some curious details of the celebration.

Known couple Tonya Matvienko and Arsen Mirzoyan tied the knot. June 15, Tonya and Arsen were married on the banks of the Dnieper. The celebration was attended by only close friends and relatives of the couple.

Tonya Matvienko has replaced two looks by Ukrainian brands. The official part of the Tonya shone in Quinceanera dresses with a train from Slanovskiy and during the celebration in image from Aysina. Arsene chose a dark blue suit from Carl Gross. As expected, Mirzoyan never saw the outfits of their beloved.

To the altar the bride was led by her father, artist Peter Potter. The ceremony of painting was Oleg Vinnik. The actor admitted that the script he came up with on their own, based on Ukrainian folk traditions and customs. From fee winnick refused.

“Today it is quite difficult to remember when I first met the guys. We often crossed paths at different kind of filming and concerts. Close and we started to communicate in “Radvany vecernicek”, which last year arranged for colleagues Alexander Ponomarev. I’m not working and not earning a leading there are professionals. The ceremony Arsen and Antonina spent as a master of ceremonies. The whole process invented himself, based on Ukrainian folk traditions and customs. The text of the ceremony, poems and wishes were also written by me in a concert tour shortly before the wedding. When I sent a text to the newlyweds, they were surprised, because I thought I’d take a standard scenario and standard Tassovskoy procedure. In fact, the ceremony itself and was a gift in life there are things more valuable than material gifts. On the eve of the celebration I had a TV shoot near Kiev. Morning was planning to go to Uzhgorod, but the departure had to be postponed. We travel at night, try to rest in the road”, – said the singer.

An old friend of Tony’s and Arsen is the founder of the production company “Master Management” Yana Pryadko, who was among the guests of honor at the wedding, shared some interesting details.

“Holiday was chosen scenic location on the banks of the Dnieper. At the wedding were invited only parents and closest friends Tony and Arsene. The ceremony was attended by seventeen-month-old Nina (a daughter of stars) and daughter Toni – a 17-year-old Juliana. Arsene sons from a previous marriage was not. Bridesmaid – classmate Tony Marina and Sashko polozhynsky (the leader of the group “Tartak”) became a witness. Ruslana, Oleh Skrypka, Svetlana Tarabarova and others recorded for the couple touching video greetings. Gave mainly money. In celebration of Arsene dedicated Tone two songs. The real surprise was prepared and the father of the bride speech ethnic group. The musicians performed famous wedding songs on folk instruments”, – said Jan.

The first dance the couple performed the song Alexander Ponomarev – “I love only you.”

During the marriage ceremony the couple was on an embroidered towel, which gave them Tony’s mom – Nina Matvienko. As admitted Nina Mitrofanovna, rushnyk – hand made from Zaporizhzhya masters, where I came from Arsene.


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