Porsche plans to release electric vehicles in all the families cars


It’s sedans, crossovers and two-door sports cars.

Executive Director Porsche Oliver bloom (Oliver Blume) told about the plans of the brand development of electrified cars.

Recall that the first fully electric production car Porsche has become a four-door coupe Taycan. This machine is equipped with synchronous motors with excitation from permanent magnets and a highly efficient battery, which is based on 800-volt technology. Use automatic two-stage transmission: the “short” first gear allows you to achieve powerful acceleration at the start, while the “long” second gear ensures the necessary reserves for acceleration when moving at high speed.

According to Mr. bloom, in the future all-electric models will appear in all the collections of Porsche cars. It’s sedans, crossovers and two-door sports cars.

In particular, in 2021 debuts compact electric crossover Macan. In addition, the possibility of the creation of electric cars, which will be the successors of the models 718 718 Boxster and Cayman. Such electric vehicles may see the light of day in 2024.

Recall that Porsche is part of Volkswagen Group. This group pays great attention to transport on electricity. By the end of 2022 brand of the Volkswagen group expects to present around the world, three dozen different models of electric cars. By 2025, the annual volume of Volkswagen sales will exceed 1 million electric cars.


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