Popular Russian singer was surprised by the decision to leave the scene


The unexpected news that Nikolay Baskov shocked his fans.

Singer Nikolai Baskov again shook the society. If the last time fans have wondered about the veracity of his real hair color-the artist of the photo dark parents, this time he did and said about the departure from the scene.

Nicholas posted on Instagram the announcement that he is leaving the scene. Fans jumped to conclusions, thinking that will never see their idol with a microphone in his hand. In fact, the artist explained everything in detail.

First, he pointed out that his 40 years, he has achieved a lot, and it’s time to rethink. Now the Basques do not see themselves as what is in the future because he needed a break, but no more.

“I believe everyone needs at some point to do it. And do I need rest from myself, and the public should I continue to relax and meet new!!!” (RUF. and item. of the author retained approx. Ed.) the singer concluded.

Nobody knows what happens in the life of Nicholas, and after all the news about the postponement of the wedding can also be associated with the decision to leave the scene. But this is all speculation of the fans, and how in fact things are going the singer-known only to him.


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