Popular medical procedures that can end in tragedy


Популярные медицинские процедуры, которые могут закончиться трагедиейBe careful with the experiments on your health.

Before you go under the knife or swallow any pill, make sure it is really necessary.


If the doctor says you need a CT scan, do not rush to agree. Studies show that the increasing trend in recent years the use of CT may play a role in the increased incidence of certain types of cancer.

The dose of radiation received during this procedure 200 times higher than obtained with conventional radiography. Many experts believe that 10 to 30 percent of all CT appointments are unjustified.

Although the CT method is faster and cheaper, it’s much safer to resort to magnetic resonance imaging. The choice of diagnostic method depends on its effectiveness. The doctor should obtain as much information as possible. But it is not always necessary to irradiate the patient.


They are sometimes prescribed for back pain. But the complications that can follow after the injection, for example, paralysis or neurological problems, are the patients aware of them in advance.

In addition, experts warn that epiduralny injection is ineffective for the treatment of chronic back pain and neck. Only when the pain caused by the inflammation of the nerve – sciatica, injection can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. And then only for a time. Physical therapy in some cases can be much more effective.

Also good doctors are not in a hurry to treat chronic back pain surgical methods. And even when surgery is needed, doctors often resort to unnecessarily complex procedures, instead of more simple. So before you agree to surgery, find out the opinion of several, preferably experienced professionals.


In the cold, we first start taking the antibiotics. And this is a serious error. Most patients who are prescribed antibiotics, they do not need.

The fact that the majority of infections of the respiratory tract – 95% – is caused by viruses, against which antibiotics are acting exclusively for bacteria, is useless. Only one of 20 cases in need of antibiotics.

This situation entails terrible consequences. Due to a too wide use of antibiotics appears more and more bacteria resistant to them. And we have less medication to help us when it is really necessary.


Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can be a great opportunity for women to return to normal life. But many patients do not realize the seriousness of this procedure.

The fact is that reconstructive plastic surgery for breast reconstruction after its removal is one of the most complex plastic surgeries. After defeating breast cancer should take plenty of time that the body is fully recovered. Therefore, to enroll in the reconstruction immediately after surgery (week or month) this is a fairly high risk for the body.

So if possible, reconstruction needs to be done or simultaneously with the mastectomy, or not earlier than a year.


Although this procedure is not prescribed to everyone pregnant women, in some cases, if blood tests or ultrasound of concern, it can recommend. This survey allows to determine the presence of hazardous defects and diseases in children.

This diagnostic method gives 100% information about the genes and chromosomes of the fetus. Amniocentesis is a puncture of amniotic membrane with the aim of obtaining amniotic fluid for subsequent laboratory studies.

But the risk of miscarriage is 1 to 400. The future mother should know that she can always refuse this procedure, even if it is recommended by the physician.


Caesarean section is used more often than is really necessary. But this is a serious operation that can lead to undesirable consequences, such as infection, bleeding, blood poisoning and even death. Recent recommendations by the American College of obstetricians and gynecologists (ACOG) aimed at limiting such procedures, so cesarean section is not the case that you can use lightly.

Common reason for it is the weight of the child. But it is often overrated. If the child is in the wrong position, it is better to resort to special manipulations to bring it right in the head previa. The risk is also there, but he is not so high.

And certainly do not believe that if you once did a caesarean section and subsequent birth it is inevitable. This is not so.


Some doctors call regularly screened for thyroid cancer. With this you can bet. The fact that many patients in the survey identify the presence of nodes in the thyroid gland. But these formations are very rarely malignant, almost never grow up and not be felt throughout life.

But if the ultrasound examination you will discover such nodes, this will be followed by a biopsy and possibly surgery to remove the thyroid. Then you get to the end of his days will have to take hormones. And all this because dobrokachestvenno entities does not affect your health.

In Korea, for example, deleting the node formations has become a routine operation, but it had no impact on mortality from cancer of the thyroid gland.


Another topic of discussions medical – necessity screening for prostate cancer. Many prostate cancers are benign in nature and do not require surgery or painful biopsies.

According to some doctors, the problem is the extreme commercialization of Oncology. Upon detection of tumors patients impose aggressive and expensive treatment, without which it is possible to do.

Most experts agree that resort to prostate examinations should start at age 50. And only men in a family where such disease has already met to start early.

Surgery, which can result in incontinence and sexual dysfunction, is not always recommended.


Before, it was believed that the only means of dealing with myoma of the uterus, which leads to dangerous bleeding, is hysterectomy removal of the uterus. Of course, you can be guided by the principle of “no uterus – no problem”. But still today there are less radical methods of treatment.

One of them is uterine artery embolization. This procedure blocks the blood supply to the tumor and causing the destruction of her cells.

A study conducted in the Netherlands showed that two thirds of the patients with uterine fibroids, can avoid hysterectomy with embolization. Of course, all depends on the size of the tumor and its localization. In some cases it is necessary to remove the uterus.

If, however, along with it remove the ovaries, the woman has to take hormones before the start of natural menopause to avoid the negative consequences of hormonal changes for the heart and bones.


Hormone replacement therapy is used to eliminate negative processes associated with menopause: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability and sleep problems. It is also customary to talk about the benefits of estrogen for the heart and bones.

However, recent studies show that hormone replacement therapy has a negative rather than a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Taking hormones can also increase the risk of stroke and certain cancers. Safer therapy during menopause may be the use of hormonotherapy creams and even antidepressants.


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