Popular function allowed to hack iPhone in 2 minutes


The gap creates a gadget vulnerability.

Hackers showed how they can beat the system screen lock FaceID in the iPhone in the conference on the cyber security Black Hat in Las Vegas, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

The fact that the system does not hold FaceID 3D scanning eyes of the owner if it detects that he’s wearing glasses. In this case, the technology only searches for the eye area in the form of white dots.

Knowing this, the developers have created some points with the white dot in the center for FaceID, making it possible to bypass the lock. However this simple trick implies that the glasses will carry a smartphone owner, as the FaceID need to consider other facial features. This security breach iPhone can be used if the smartphone owner is asleep or is unconscious.

“Scanning in real time has become the Achilles heel of security for biometric authentication. It is intended only for verifying whether the biometrics measurement, the actual owner, who must be present during the scan,” — said the developers.

This means that such systems can be vulnerable to counterfeiting or copying the stored biometric information of the owner. The same gap used by the programmers who created 3D replicas of faces of owners and hacked the lock on the iPhone.


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