Popular cough medicine may harm the health


Популярное средство от кашля может навредить здоровьюMilk and honey drink can worsen the condition of people.

In many families, my household members are treated to the traditional drink – milk with honey. Experts say that this method is harmful to health.

What can hurt like this useful, it would seem, the composition, all the more so for the relief of cough the doctors always advise to drink plenty of emollient throat?

According to therapists, the milk and honey are strong allergens, so first of all, their use is not suitable for people who may be allergic to one of the products of such a cocktail.

Allergy to honey is usually manifested actively, but that the body can not cope with the digestion of lactose, many people do not realize. Signs of this disorder are often perceived as symptoms of other disorders – in this case, drinking milk with honey instead of relief will only cause discomfort.

In addition, milk and honey drink can worsen the condition and cause complications in people with elevated levels of insulin and kidney stones, said the experts. One more important thing that many ignore: milk with honey should be a certain temperature.

The fact that when heated beverage to 60 degrees in composition of honey may start to occur adverse change. This product begins to form hydroxymethylfurfural, is extremely dangerous for the human body connection, the components of which there are carcinogenic substances that trigger the formation of cancer cells and tumors.


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