Popular children’s game broke the record


Популярная детская игра побила рекордNo wonder!

Popular game Minecraft has set another record. This information has shared new curator Helen Chiang (Helen Chiang).

According to the head of Minecraft, it became known that in December the game has been credited with 74 million active users – the number of them since the release of the game, which came out almost nine years ago.

It is reported that as a result, the project avoids even such popular games as Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, which schoolouts and 25000000 40000000, respectively. In addition, it became known that for all time, has sold 144 million copies of Minecraft.

Helen Chang also said that this result suggests that gamers are starting to return to the game. However, it should be noted that it is unknown how many players play on PC because Minecraft is on consoles and on tablets and smartphones. So maybe the game outperforms its competitor PUBG gotten. But still 74 million active players is a very big number. Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds can only boast of 30 million PC and Xbox One. And it is only the owners of the games, and not active players.

Curator Minecraft and share what he hears about the dissatisfaction of some players that in recent years has not been significant updates. Therefore, she promises that in 2018, gamers will see a lot.


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