Pompeo’s visit to Russia ended virtually without any result.


Визит Помпео в РФ завершился практически безрезультатно, - СМИThe first trip of the new Secretary of state almost does not yield results, the parties remained at their opinions, the media are writing.

The talks in Sochi was that both sides were at their opinions, but this trip the head of American diplomacy is a serious attempt by the Washington administration to start the reset in relations between the two countries, the newspaper writes.

“The Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said he arrived Tuesday in this black sea resort with the assignment from the President of trump: to improve U.S. relations with Russia. But closer to the night at the residence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, it became clear that Pompeo can hope for nothing more than to leave the city with only one agreement – that all remain in their opinions,” writes the newspaper The Washington Post.

On Iran, Venezuela and the Russian intervention in elections in the United States Pompeo and Lavrov at a joint press conference was held sharply opposing positions. Despite this, Pompeo first trip to Russia as Secretary of state was a serious new attempt of the administration of the President of trump to grope for fresh support in the most dangerous from a political point of view the relations in the global arena.

“Trump is from the time of the election campaign, voiced a desire to cooperate with Russia on global challenges, but he never carried this desire into practice because of strong political resistance. Now, when the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the Russian intervention in the elections are over, the White house and the Kremlin sees an opportunity to reset relations”, – said the author of the newspaper.


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