Polyakova told about the reaction of her husband on her shooting in the Comedy “Swingers”


In an interview to the edition “high life” outrageous singer Olya Polyakova told about his first experience shooting film. She made her debut in the Ukrainian frankly erotic series “Swingers”.

According to star, her husband sincerely proud of the achievements and dedication of his lady, who from childhood dreamed to try yourself in the role of the actress and were able to achieve this goal.

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In addition, the husband finds Polyakov the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world, therefore, does not prohibit her to strip in front of the camera, to the same girl before the wedding warned him that he is not going to change and leave the stage even after becoming a married lady.

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Olya Polyakova even hired a teacher of acting in order not to lose face and perfectly enter into the image, despite the small drama of his role.

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