Poltergeist > the Chinese girl on the meter up, got on video


The recording was made in the Elevator.

The following video was obtained at the beginning of this month in China. Fancy video, filmed by a surveillance camera in the Elevator of a residential building, shows, presumably, a very mysterious phenomenon.

On the recording you can see the girl suddenly throws during the movement of the Elevator cabin. The poor child flies up into the air, hits the door, then moves up a little more and finally falls to the floor. How much young Chinese woman suffered was not reported. Meanwhile, users of the world wide web to build various theories about the causes of the incident.

Skeptics argue that there is nothing unusual here, and the girl certainly was clamped mine doors, any item of clothing. Other commentators suggest that we are talking about paranormalne. Such persons remind that the elevators before behaved inexplicably. So, a well-known story of an old Welsh hotel which were demolished in 1969. Despite the fact that the building is de-energized, one of the elevators began to travel between floors by itself, as if protesting against the destruction of the hotel. A worker who entered in his cabin, was kicked out of some invisible force.

Maybe the Chinese house lift also rebelled? I should probably listen to the esoteric, who argue that consciousness has in this world exclusively, even artificially created things. The elevators, by the way, nothing in this plan is no different from cars, some of which too often begin an independent life, for example, becoming a machine – conscious killer…


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