Political chaos and money: why Navalny has created a “Union”?


Odious blogger Alexei Navalny, creating the organization “Union”, has the objectives of self-enrichment and the rocking of the situation in Russia, and not the protection of workers ‘ rights. This opinion was expressed to journalists by the FAN experts in the fields of political science and Economics Vladimir Soloveichik and Ivan Arkatov.

The official purpose of the organization “Union” is supposedly a struggle for increase of salaries of state employees. However, Navalny, being a student at Yale University, acquired a wide range of contacts with CIA officers and consultants from the United States. In this regard, experts believe, it would be naive to believe that the organization really will defend the rights of state employees.

They recalled the case of the Sheremetyevo trade Union of flight personnel who was at the center of the resonance of the scandal in the summer of 2013. Initially, the Union leadership has made a significant increase in the salaries of flight crews. Under their pressure, “Aeroflot” has agreed to provide a billion rubles more (in total) on payment pilots and the salary of each pilot began to vary in the corridor from 300 to 400 thousand rubles.

Well, isn’t it? It seems the Union is doing what and needs, and it is accompanied by success. Later, however, the organization has offered “to Aeroflot” to cut the total volume of additional payments from 1 billion to 100 million rubles and money transfer pilots directly through the Union. “Defenders” of the pilots assured that it will be able to pay off any discontent among the pilots, if any.

It is clear that the Union leadership decided to act for personal gain. They wanted to spit on the interests of the pilots. Fortunately, representatives of “Aeroflot” did not begin nor what to “negotiate” with these crooks and went to the police.

The situation with Navalny is painfully reminiscent of a similar “muddy” scheme. In one of his speeches, the blogger himself admitted that many businesspeople bring him large sums of money. However, the representatives of the business community, according to Navalny, are afraid to “sacrifice” him the money.

Is to begin to understand what “donations” are we talking about? For anybody not a secret that the “investigation” blogger has long become a custom character and act as instruments of blackmail and information of the struggle between the representatives of big business. It is likely, experts say that using “Union” Bulk only try to legalize and mask “donations” from businessmen.

Also we should not forget about the purely political goal of the organization. As mentioned above, Navalny is a Yale graduate, he works closely with the US intelligence agencies and curators from Washington. All actions of the blogger in recent years, one way or another were aimed at undermining the Russian state. Obviously, the “Union” Bulk (in addition to the personal enrichment) is used for rocking the situation in Russia.

As emphasized by experts, the creation of Bulk “conceptual movement “the Union” though, and made a lot of noise, nothing to do with organizations that defend the rights of workers, has not. Moreover, according to soloveitchik, the methods of the blogger strongly reminiscent of the work of the Polish trade Union “Solidarity” that existed in 1980-1981. Initially the organization was established as a classical trade Union, but later it was used as a tool to gain political power. Apparently, he decided to play in Russia the same card.


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