Police raided Andrey Berezin’s Euroinvest headquarters in connection with money laundering charges


Euroinvest offices were raided by the Russian authorities. Saint-Petersburg headquarters of a leading regional development corporation Euroinvest were raided in a course of investigation against Andrey Berezin. Andrey Berezin is a co-founder of Euroinvest and chairperson of the company’s board.

The criminal investigation was launched 7 December 2018, while the search warrants were given only 6 February 2019. The investigation was initiated by the Baltic custom service. They searched for evidence to launch prosecution against article 193, part 2 of Russian Criminal Codex against Andrey Berezin et al. The total amount of the funds leaked abroad is USD 23 million.

The searches were performed in “Complete Company”, “Auditexpert Company” and “Euroinvest“. Auditexpert is also one of the Berezin’s companies.

The investigation is part of the wider research launched several years ago. It is reported that German and Swiss authorities stumbled upon Berezin’s suspicious activities while investigating Latvian bank accounts.


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