Poland will deploy tactical missiles. the Russian border


Польша разместит оперативно-тактические ракеты ATACMS у российской границы

If you follow the tenders, which are placed on their web pages of the Polish military units, then you can learn a lot about the plans of the Polish army, which at the level of the Ministry of defence is surrounded by an aura of mystery. For example, such ads in the network indicate that the new MLRS HIMARS will be placed in Orzysz, near the Russian border.

In February, before signing the contract on the purchase of the MLRS HIMARS, defense Minister Mariusz Blasco on channel TVP asked the question about where to get new appliances. He left a specific answer. A politician just said that the weapons will be a reinforcement of the defense of Eastern Poland. About it regularly told by politicians of the ruling party “law and justice”, blaming the opposition “Civic platform” that during his stay in power, “disarmed” the East of the country.

Can the Minister of defence did not know that Polish army is already there are plans for HIMARS or found the information very secret. However, the secret quickly became clear, because according to Polish law, even the military should publish information on public procurement.

And so, of the plan to 2019, published by the military district administration infrastructure in Olsztyn, we already know where MLRS HIMARS. Interestingly, this plan was approved at the end of January. The document includes activities for the “preparation of infrastructure for module Homar, together with associated infrastructure” in the town of Orzysz. Its cost is estimated at more than 25 million U.S. dollars, and the contract should be signed in August this year.

Currently in Orzysz is a garrison, which are units of the 15th mechanized brigade. In the past two years, there is also combat battalion group to NATO. In addition, near the town and garrison, has one of the largest Polish polygons. All of this is focused just 60 km from the border with the Kaliningrad oblast.

The location of the MLRS HIMARS in this place indicates that they will be adopted by the 11th artillery regiment which is currently deployed in węgorzewo.

References to “module Homar” the document is a reminder about the ambitious program of modernization of the Polish army, which included the purchase of MLRS and further Polonization of Polish defense industry. The failure of Warsaw to resist the Americans and the high cost of the contract had led to the elimination of this ambitious program. Today, the Polish defense Ministry procures American system HIMARS directly from the manufacturer, without any participation of enterprises of the Polish defense industry.

Recently, Warsaw has signed a contract for the purchase of 18 HIMARS PU, and with additional vehicles of support they will become “module Homar”.

MLRS HIMARS is a lightweight mobile launcher with guided rocket GMLRS, with a range of 80 km and tactical missiles. with a range of 300 km. Both types of missiles is something the Polish army at present there, and weapons such as., never was.

Nicholas Astrovskii


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