Poland will defend Lithuania. And who will protect Poland?


Польша защитит Литву. А кто защитит Польшу?

Poland has promised to consider the opportunity to defend Lithuania with the help of American anti-missile complexes Patriot. Why Warsaw would be hard to do.

The chief of the General staff of the Polish army gneral Raimund Andrzejczak, which is these days on a visit in Vilnius, has promised to consider the ability to protect objects of Lithuania with Warsaw purchased the American Patriot air defense system. Most likely we are talking about syncing the national air defense systems.

According to Incachaca, he had discussed the matter with the commander in chief of the army of Lithuania Jonas Vytautas Jukes.

“We are members of NATO, we have one air space – thus, for our plans there’s no frontier, no border (during) exercises or military operations,” – said the Polish General.

“Of course, it depends on the planning. If the system is effective enough, we can agree on how to synchronize our air defense system in Poland and Lithuania”, – said Lieutenant General.

Recall that in March last year in Poland, said the purchase of American missile defense systems, long-range Patriot. The transaction value was 4.17 billion euros.

16 launchers, 208 missiles and four radar stations (RLS) will be delivered in two batches in 2022 and 2024. They will form the basis of the national system of air and missile defense in the framework of the Wisła.

Note that Lithuania is not able to acquire the American anti-missile complexes Patriot. But considering the continuous increase in military spending, it seems to strive, as Poland committed to an expensive deal with American armaments manufacturers.

Andrejcak said that specifically to plan the integration of Patriot systems will be possible once Poland will receive the first missiles.

“There is a question about control systems by missions to support emergency communications, as well as on national regulations, because the airspace should be managed properly, efficiently and safely,” said the officer.

“And yet, if operationally possible, we are willing to discuss with the Lithuanians, to reflect as we face a strategic threat,” he said.

Cooperation of Lithuania and Poland

In February of this year, the Republic agreed to establish a secure communication intended for the exchange of radar data.

Suvalki corridor, which supposedly is the most vulnerable part of NATO in Eastern Europe, scheduled to defend together, to do this, Lithuania will allocate troops to the multinational division Severo-East, with its headquarters in the Polish Elblag. This was stated by Raimund Andrachak on the results of his visit to Vilnius

It is understood that in case of aggravation of the situation in the region, the entire two crews will be responsible for the defense of Suvalki corridor.

“We have certified the high ratings of international staff (…), and now we want to give them real soldiers”, – said the commander in chief of the armed forces of Poland.

Vulnerability Patriot

The Vice-President of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences on information policy Konstantin Sivkov noted earlier that the American system of Patriot does not guarantee safety and protection to their customers because they are managed from the United States.

“Anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 is much more effective than the American Patriot. Patriot have a maximum firing range does not exceed 120 kilometers, and the s-400 it shoots at 400 kilometers. American SAM can’t shoot over the horizon, while the Russian,” he said.

In addition, the expert noted that in case of country customers us missile defense system will behave against the will of the States, Washington would turn off the Patriot remote:

“Americans are practicing such things. In particular, missile complexes American production HAWK in 2003 during the war against Iran didn’t work at all – they were off by Washington teams with space stations,” – said Sivkov.

Dubious synchronization of air defense systems

To ensure effective management of layered air and missile defense Warsaw intends to purchase an integrated command and control system air and missile defense IBCS.

The us defense giant Northrop Grumman was awarded the contract for the production of IBCS for Poland. This was reported on the official website of the Pentagon. The contract for the supply of military products Poland is estimated at 349 million dollars. It is expected that by 30 June 2016, the manufacturer will give two battery kit hardware and software integrated command and control system air and missile defense.

It is worth noting , at IBCS, a completely new system, it still has not passed all the tests and not adopted in the United States

According to experts of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonova, IBCS must create a layered air defense system, a key element of which is the Patriot air defense system, and other systems smaller range of actions, including missile and gun should work with him in tandem. However, according to the expert, in order for corporations to function effectively, requires at least another component — AEW AWACS. As you know these machines, no Poland, no Lithuania no.

For recent statements of Warsaw, most likely are not military, but political motives. So Poland is trying to involve Lavvu in the process of “putting some of the money for” American-made weapons, thus improving their positions in front of Washington and NATO.



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