Pockets of the population will hit a new all-Russian “Plato”


По карманам населения ударят новым всероссийским "Платоном"

The Russian government continues to develop the analogue of the “Plato” for most consumer products on the market.

We are talking about mandatory labeling of food, clothing, bedding, perfumes and household chemicals.

Now brand value from 15 to 22 rubles are required to stick to manufacturers of fur coats, since February began the experiment with labelling of drugs, then it will cover the cigarette market. The participants must affix labels on the packaging and pass the unified system of information on the cost of the product and its movement through the chain up to the sale.

The collection of information is engaged in, on, and in the future are invited to mark more and more goods. As reported by “Vedomosti”, the new, expanded list for the government has prepared the Ministry of industry and trade.


It includes perfume, tires, blouses and coats, baby food, rice, pasta, tea, coffee, canned meats and fish, beer, juices and mineral water, household chemicals, bedding, dairy products.

A unified system of marking of goods is to earn from 2024, and to manage it, as in the case of Plato, is a private operator.

At the end of 2017 for this role was chosen as the Center of development of advanced technologies (CRPT) belonging to the structures of the co-owner of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov, the state Corporation “rostec” and managing partner of Almaz Capital Partners Alexander Galitsky.

CRPT will be able, in a timely manner and without the involvement of the budget to make the transition to a continuous marking of most commodity groups, said the representative of the centre.

He added that the experiment with digital marking of tobacco is successful, and is already preparing the draft for the shoes.

Essentially the project of labeling is reminiscent of “Plato”, but will have to pay not only the truckers, and throughout the country, stated in November Advisor Dentons Ilya Skripnikov: like “Plato”, the new system will operate according to the principle of public-private partnership (PPP). Income the operator will receive, most likely, from manufacturers and importers, which will be obliged to pay stick stamps, explained the Federal official.

The result will be a price increase: on perfume, for example, it will be about 10%, said a top Manager of one of manufacturers of cosmetics.

The same thing will happen in the meat market, I am sure the Deputy head of Executive Committee of National meat Association Maksim Sinelnikov: the marking will actually duplicate electronic veterinary certification (EMU) with the help of “mercury”, which starts from 1 July.

Traceability of beer, which also got into bullet already provides USAIS, the proportion of counterfeits is negligible; and although the business is interested in tracking products in order to understand what enterprises processed raw materials, pays the taxes, additional markings will entail costs and the cost of goods and the price of production may increase, says the Executive Director of oil and fat Union of Russia Mikhail Maltsev.


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