“Pocket Jihad” on the phone


Anonymous phone calls with threats of explosions touched, about 85 thousand people in 19 Russian cities. According to the revised data, in 19 cities across the country received anonymous calls threatening of explosion of 218 buildings.

Threatening phone calls were trade centres, airports, railway stations and social facilities.

Day 13 September it was reported that in Moscow unknown persons have informed the emergency services about bomb threats in Kiev and Kazan station of capital, as well as three shopping centers: “metropolis”, “City” and “Afimall city”.

In Chita evacuated the staff of administration of Zabaikalsky Krai from-for a call about mining of the building.

In Saratov the alarm was evacuated to a local government building, which also houses the city Council.

In Yakutsk the people brought out of the buildings of the city administration and the airport, people were evacuated also from the airports of Blagoveshchensk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka and Chita.

12 Sep unknown reported seven bombs planted in schools Perm.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk evacuated 11 shopping centres, train station and city administration building.

The threat was recorded in Chelyabinsk, and Ufa, on 10 September in Sterlitamak.

Globalization, however, – said the chief editor of Forum.MSK Anatoly Baranov. – Very well, that the threats were fake, and nobody really blew up. But I would not calm down. Think about why someone, having decent resources, planned and conducted a large-scale campaign of intimidation. Let alone a version of mischief – some was the goal, of course. What? Imagine that the next time something really will explode. Plan and carry out a terrorist attack at the train station in Volgograd or St. Petersburg metro for a small terrorist group. In our case, there is a larger structure. From which we can expect something more meaningful – say, a series of attacks, as in a Hollywood Thriller. There is even no need to invent anything, everything is already done by writers. So another team trying to take the world by the balls. Yet feels, but grab!


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