PMC “Wagner” keep the Russians


ЧВК «Вагнера» удерживают россиян

The reports of some mass media about the missing recently, two citizens of Russia were confirmed

As it turned out, men are now held by PMC employees so-called “Wagner.”

We will remind, recently some Russian and Ukrainian media reported about the disappearance of two Russians: a 25-year-old Nicholas Chitiva and 39-year-old Igor Shvetsov. Both men are residents of the Sverdlovsk region. Then the media stated that “vagnerovsky” keep the Russians due to the fact that they allegedly leaked the information about the losses incurred on 8 February in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. The day of the us-led forces attacked SAA volunteers for their positions.

The press became aware that the employees of PMCs “Wagner” hold “on the container” and tortured for leaking information Chitiva and Shvetsova.

“Now in the “Wagner” “with passion” are looking for those who have reported dead and the fact of the defeat on the mainland. Rampant security PMC, placing a “container” several fighters. I was told that this hold of the Swede, the Cyclops and Hit,” — wrote about this in his blog commentator Maksim Kalashnikov.

In comments to the edition friends of the missing men say that their countrymen fought in the PMC “Wagner”, but did not return home:

“The guys came back, and Igor so no one saw. What’s wrong with him where he is – no one says anything,” – said a local resident about Mr Shvetsov.

Responded to the incident video blogger Alexei Navalny – his YouTube channel has a story about the missing Russians:

“We lost two mercenaries private military company “Wagner”, who were suspected of leaking information on casualties in the clash with the Americans in the province of Deir ez-Zor. […] Neighbors and friends of hired fighters have confirmed that neither Sweden nor Hitew did not return home from Syria, when other soldiers from the unit have already at home. Local Cossacks rumor has it that Chitiva no longer alive,” — said the channel.

At the moment, writes media life “on the container” men under threat. Correspondents American Archy World News say that Russians are beaten senseless and can’t even move independently.



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