PlayStation 5 will have more games than Xbox Series X


In 2019, Microsoft has stated that it sees the future of virtual reality will focus on classic games.

Sony can’t leave your VR helmet without the support and patent new technologies in this direction. This disagreement between the two companies does not end there, reports the with reference to

In an interview with MCV, head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty said Xbox Series X will not get exclusives at the start of sales. After the beginning of the ninth generation, the company plans a year or two to produce games for personal computers and Xbox One, not to leave user content on Xbox One.

“Because our content will appear in the next year, in two years all of our games including for PC, will be available on the device family. We want to be sure that if someone invests in the Xbox from now until [Series X], he will feel that you made the right choice and that we will support them with content,” said Buti.

At the same time Sony has already planned an exclusive project for the PlayStation 5. This was told Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier, who is in close contact with the developers and share the “insides”. According to Schreier, Microsoft will continue to make games for the largest possible number of devices, while Sony will lure players exclusives.

If you believe Digital Foundry, the Xbox Series X will be more powerful than the PlayStation 5, but apparently the console, Sony will offer players more games at the start of the generation. Gamers criticized the new console, not so much for the level of graphics or performance, but for the lack of significant projects at the start generations. Apparently, Sony is aware of this and decided to bet on the games, not the hardware, as does Microsoft.


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