Playing with fire: largest in the history of reviews of products in the IT market


Playing with fire: largest in the history of reviews of products in the IT market

18:15 11.10.2016

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MOSCOW, 11 Dec – RIA Novosti. Anton Polyakov. On Tuesday, the company Amigabasic about another suspension of sales of the smartphone GalaxyNote7 and full review of all smartphones sold. In an official statement, the company asks all owners of Note 7 to turn off the machine and cease to use it. On the mechanism of exchange and return, the company promises to inform additionally in the near future.

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Samsung is Recalling more than 190 thousand smartphones Galaxy Note 7 in China

To date, over 190 thousand sold smartphones GalaxyNote 7 recorded about 20 cases of fire. And not all of them were during the incident in the charge. Experts cite several reasons for the incident, including the failure of the charge controller in the smartphones and the subsequent recovery of the battery set temperature limits. But, most likely, the reason is because the creators Note7 gave the developers the batteries too hard TK where strictly regulated the size of the battery, resulting in a refinement of the operational layers. As a result, batteries have a tendency to overheat and short-circuit in the individual cells with the subsequent emergence of a chain reaction.

The story was bright, but it is already far not the first time. We remember when gadgets were recalled or removed from sale due to faults.


Black day for Sony

In 2006, a big scandal broke, which involved almost all major computer hardware manufacturers such as HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Dell, Appleи several others. In some laptop models of these companies began to explode the batteries. The cases were so massive that some airlines, such as Qantas and Korean Air all have banned the passengers to use on Board laptops.

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Penny: the most remarkable budget Android smartphones with 4G

The culprit was the company Sony, which supplied the lithium-ion batteries for all problematic devices. The company had to replace about 9.5 million of defective batteries, and after to answer in the court of claims from Toshiba, Fujitsu and Hitachi, who demanded compensation for financial and image losses.

But this case is for laptops not unique. For example, only one Ermasova recalled the batteries in 2000, 2001 and 2005.

The blow to the reputation of Nokia

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Nokia battery BL-5C

More batteries had to be replaced the company Nokiaв 2007. After hundreds of cases of fire, the company announced the complete replacement of all batteries BL-5C, which were manufactured by Matsushita from December 2005 to November 2006. These batteries were installed in a few dozen models sold around the world.

Apple have our vices

On the background of the scandal with Amapara reports of explosions iPhone7 iPhone 6ѕпрошли virtually unnoticed. While the company is investigating the matter, we can say that in her practice there also were reviews of gadgets.

So in 2011 Appleпришлось to declare the opinion of the players iPodnanoпервого generation, released in 2005-2006, as in 2008, they started recorded cases of overheating and ignition of rechargeable batteries. And in 2014, it was announced to replace pjatiletnij power adapter for iPhone3GS, 4 and 4S, released from 2009 to 2012. They also turned out to be explosive.

The Nvidia Shield

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Gaming tablet Nvidia Shield Tablet

Eight-inch gaming tablet series Shield (shield) of the American giant Nvidia, known primarily for its graphics processor also got under revocable campaign in 2015. Accurate data on the extent Nvidia has not disclosed, but they can be quite impressive considering the fact that you were sold a defective device.


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Why blow up the batteries in phones now and Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There are several cases when the explosions of batteries have led to casualties. In 2007 in China with a difference of a few months there were two explosions of a battery of telephones, which lies in the breast pockets of the owners. Both times, the doctors recorded a fractured rib, fragments of which damaged vital organs. In the first case, the culprit was the phone of the LG company, and the second Motorola device. Both companies then called the incident implausible.

With smartphones Appleсвязано at least five tragic incidents. They occurred in 2013-2015. Each user delivering an electric shock while using iPhone connected to a charger. In four of the five cases the charger was unoriginal, prompting Appleпровести action to replace “left” chargers brand on a minimal charge.

Not a single battery

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Intel Pentium 60


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There charge? That will replace lithium-ion batteries

In contrast to fault batteries, reviews the most electronics – it is rare and exceptional. More remarkable case with processors IntelPentium, produced in 1993-1994. Chips first series had a bug in a module, math coprocessor, which in rare cases lead to lower precision of division operations. Because the error occurred rarely, Intel oneclubcasino buyers to prove the necessity of replacement of defective chips. But after the strong reaction of the press, the chips began to change everyone, no questions asked.



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