Playing wind instruments may worsen glaucoma


Игра на духовых музыкальных инструментах может ухудшать течение глаукомы

An interesting study published in the Journal of Glaucoma that you may want to name glaucoma patients, especially parents of children who are going to study music.

The musicians conducted a study of intraocular pressure. Researched pressure after playing wind instruments. Data were obtained showing that playing wind instruments leads to the increase of intraocular pressure. In addition, the pressure from professionals increases stronger compared to Amateurs.

Six musicians conducted a study of intraocular pressure with a special contact lens that measures the pressure is constant (Sensimed AG, Switzerland). The lens was mounted on one eye, which carried out a pressure control 24 hours a day. Musicians who have had glaucoma intraocular pressure during the game increased much stronger compared to those to which it was not prescribed. One musician pressure in an eye with open-angle glaucoma was higher after 20 minutes of play than the other eye. After the game the pressure was increased by 4 mm in the eye, where had glaucoma, and remained virtually unchanged in the healthy eye.

These new, important findings may be important for our patients, especially the little ones who decide what they do in life. The study’s authors believe that musicians already suffering from glaucoma, would be good to measure the pressure after playing the instrument, as this may be important for choice of therapy.


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