Players of the Crimea complained to Putin that they are not taken in RCF


Шахматисты Крыма пожаловались Путину, что их не принимают в РШФ

The chess Federation of the Republic of Crimea wrote a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which complains that it does not accept the Russian chess Federation, from-for what the athletes are unable to obtain state accreditation.

The letter explains that in 2014 the successor of “Chess and checkers Federation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea” was the NGO “Federation of chess and checkers of the Republic of Crimea”. After the change of leadership there was a split among players, with the result that in 2015, formed the regional public organization “chess Federation of the Republic of Crimea”. According to the authors of the letter, since then, the Federation has conducted a lot of various events, workshops and actions to promote the intellectual sport, but still not admitted to the Russian chess Federation.

“To state accreditation and to enter the register of accredited chess federations we can’t, because it deliberately prevents the leadership of the Russian chess Federation. Approval for accreditation at the sport “chess” RCF provided a “Federation of chess and checkers of the Republic of Crimea” despite the number of violations committed by the organization, the chess Federation of the Republic of Crimea informed the Russian chess Federation”, — the statement says. Players point out that the President of the Russian chess Federation Andrey Filatov and the Executive Director mark Glukhovsky during four years never attended events, held in the Crimea. Players of the Crimea complain that “left behind the Russian chess events”, they asked Putin to help to understand the situation.


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