Places to see when you visit Singapore


Singapore is also known as the Lion city, which is located near the southern coast of Malaysia. It is also known as one of the costliest and richest countries in the world. But when you are planning to travel on a low budget there are several options to choose from and explore Singapore. You can find a number of attractions and experiences which would come within your specified budget. There are several best places which include China Town, Little India and more which you would definitely love to visit. Though the island is pretty small, you can find several wonderful things which you can enjoy here. If you love sightseeing, exploring new foods and traveling, then Singapore would be the right option to choose.

The Right time to travel to Singapore:

If you are okay with the warm weather, then Singapore would be the perfect place for you. Usually, it would be hot and humid throughout the year but it might be as bad as in the case of Thailand which would reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit during summers. The average annual temperatures in Singapore might be around 75 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. But Singapore would be a bit expensive especially during the holidays when the Chinese New Year is around. So, it would always be better to plan for Singapore trip during the off-season so that it would be affordable and not that expensive.

Places to see and enjoy in Singapore

Gardens near the Bay

Singapore is well known and popular among the other countries because of this. You can find the world’s largest indoor waterfall, the largest, and the giant trees. You should never miss out these when you are planning for a trip to Singapore. In the bay area, you can find a lot of casinos for your entertainment. You can have a lot of fun time playing there or you can enjoy playing online in website.

The Asians Civilization Museum

You can explore different cultures when you visit Singapore. It is known for the rich history which must be explored. You can visit the Asian Civilization Museum which provides you with the world’s largest museum where you can find history related to Asian art and culture too. There is an exhibition over the Tang Shipwreck which you would definitely enjoy.

Explore food through the streets of China Town or Little India

Singapore is a place where you can find different cultures and they are interestingly tied together. Though you can find various elements of India and China throughout the country, China Town and Little India are the best places where you can explore the variety of food. Check out the amazing beauty of Sultan Mosque which is there in the Arab Quarters, the Chinese heritage center and several other pop shops available in the city. It’s a great place to explore various hopping stalls and food markets, hawker stall meals which you have never imagined before.

What you can eat in Singapore?

You can find a combination of foods in Singapore from varied cultures and tastes from the surrounding countries. They provide you with several innovative dishes which would be made by blending the Malay flavors and the Chinese. You can even find prominent Indian spices and curries. As you can find fantastic food which you would definitely fall in love with, you can enjoy eating food. Whether you eat in a restaurant by spending $100 or go for the street food stalls where you spend $5 it would always be the best in this taste and the flavors which you can cherish.

Some of the delicacies which you can enjoy include:

The Hainanese chicken rice. It is always considered as the national dish/food of Singapore. It comes with cooked rice and boiled chicken in the chicken broth. This can either be found in the street stalls or various restaurants which you can find in the market but with little variations in the recipe and their flavors. The dish will be served along with a flavored sauce and greens aside.

Laksa. It is actually a Malay dish which comes with a base of noodles with a sauce or gravy, vegetables or meat according to your interest. Depending on the place where you are, the dish might even vary in its taste. In some places, you may find the dish with thin broth as a base and in other places, the milk of coconut is used as a base. You can actually try out different places to find the best one that you would like the most.

Char Kway Teow. It is a local’s favorite dish which comes with fried noodles. The dark soya sauce, eggs, chilies have been used in this dish with Chinese sauce.

Bak Chor Mee. It is an egg noodles dish which comes with chili spices, pork balls and more along with soup broth.

Kaya toast. This is a popular breakfast and lunch dish. The toasts of bread are topped with the kaya jam which is made using coconut, egg, sugar along with butter.

The Singapore flyer ride

Ferris wheel is still among the top attractive destinations in Singapore. It is definitely an amazing experience to explore the city from a height. It is supposedly said that you can even see the Malaysia and Indonesia countries. If you are not scared of heights, then it would be the best option to go with for people of all age groups who are on a holiday to Singapore city tour.

The Universal Studio visit

The Universal Studio is another beautiful place where everyone would enjoy and have an amazing time irrespective of age groups. You can find several attractions which have been designed based on the themes and Hollywood movies such as Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park, water world, Madagascar and much more. You would definitely love to explore the place with various rides and photos with sounds and special effects.

Orchard road for shopping

Orchard road is the best place for shopping. You can now enjoy a great time shopping on the streets of Orchard Road where you can find several shops, boutiques, hotels, entertainment spots, etc. Malls are always a great place to enjoy as there would always be some or the other programs that are going on.


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