Pitt and Jolie “caught” at secret meetings


Actors are willing to meet each other.

In family relations, and especially strangers, is always very difficult to understand. After hundreds of news about the breakup of Brangelina and their bad relations, now appears a ray of hope for fans of the pair. It is said that after frequent calls to each other Angelina Jolie and brad pitt began Dating a secret apartment.

There is a reason to think that brad pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to reunite not only for the kids.

Insiders say with confidence that actors meet in a secret apartment. It is situated between the houses of Angie and brad (recall that they live three miles apart) and are used to meet the actor with six children and by the actress herself. Now Jolie allegedly stopped to prevent contact pitt with the kids and brings them to him alone, without protection. However, according to sources, the communication between the former spouses is limited to certain topics, and about the divorce process, they generally prefer not to talk.

And if about the divorce they say, then maybe there’s hope for a speedy reunification of the family. In any case, this dream of the fans of the couple.


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