Pink beard: the rapper Potap surprised fans with a new image


Previously, the artist repainted his beard red.

Ukrainian rapper Potap (Potapenko Oleksii) surprised fans with the color of the beard. So live “the Voice” he spoke with a red beard.

And then published his photo with a pink beard, hinting that this color is going to go all week.

Many bright beard Potap much, but some fear that the rapper began to look “not manly”.

Alisenok0504 Horror
dankofferblog finally can fire!
Oskal777 soup like )
ve4no_llo3etuv Ahhahah this is uncle give
vitaliychernyakhovsky… and then Potap suffered…!))
koshman0206 Alex. Leave to smoke grass
_alexandr_naumenko_Нуууу… And why?

Katrinesweety Cool Potapchik, great work:)
timofeypr Pink beard? Wtf?


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