Pike whims when fishing on imitation fish


It so happens that she’s tearing the bait directly with hands.

Will not have time to put a second imitation fish — the first is “burning”.

And sometimes lowered the bait into the hole, trying to get to the bottom, and its still no. It turns out that pike bait already captured. But in our extreme fishing was different.

Weather I have seems to be working quite the perch. In the morning a light frost, warmer day to zero again in the evening frost. It turns out that the car will easily get to places and back back without dirt, and the hole will not freeze quickly.

Snow in the week never fell out, so it was necessary to podgadat under thaw. The breeze also had to contribute to pike activity. But the reality was different.

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We bought a bucket of small crucians. So to speak, for the first morning of the “batch”. Roach was going to catch in the fishing process. To do this, immediately lured on the rocks a couple of holes.

Quickly put the 9 Gerlich, the couple immediately shot, but even to strike, nobody had. It seemed to us that a brisk carp. But time is running postrelivat imitation fish, and catch nothing really can’t. Sometimes after a long stand-take the fishing line in your hand and feel how pike keeps the bait in its mouth. Cause it does not work — throws the bait.

Just wait, when she will deign to eat something in her teeth — so to see once again bitten, but of the living carp. All captured pike tee protruded from the edge of the mouth. All this pointed to the reluctance of the pike to hunt on this day.

On the rocker she also pecked badly. My friend saw just three catches on the balancer, but it is absolutely without continuing.

Often in this situation, the fishermen were disheartened. I, by contrast, looked sluggish behaviour of pike as a challenge. It is possible to do something, to somehow influence the situation!

First I sinned it was on the purchase of crucians. It is they, the villains, was pulled flags on Gerlich and remained unharmed. It is they, cunning, remained alive on the tee, after three pike attack and left almost entirely without scales.

I decided on three Gerlich put the crucians with a cut off tail. Why? It’s very simple! Without the “that swing” the bait is not so glibly tearing imitation fish deep this time. The blood that oozes from the cut tail, should attract a predator as any attractant! I have these experimental imitation fish called “bloody” because in the first place wanted to bring pikes interest in food.

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I put the imitation fish in different places, trying to sh in almost the entire area, where he was spotted pike autumn. But no results I got. On “bloody” imitation fish still rarely pocivalo, but pike every time throwing bait, waiting for our cuttings.


Photo: Alexey Kolomiets.

Well, it all comes down to the fact that the purchase carp pike considers an abomination and refuses to eat them. So what’s the deal!? My friend already had in a bucket of live bait to Dolomiti great garlicky of roaches there! Charge these imitation fish roach, again circling around the pit, put them in one place, then another — nothing!

Rare bite again and again mauled the bait.
Well, then everything is clear! You need to change the way the nozzle of the bait. I began to thread the steel line inside the fish. Now, pike was not supposed to chop of hooks, but only to swallow its prey. But these three imitation fish so never shot.

Well, then everything is clear! Equipment must be such that pike it is not felt. For such purposes I have one “tricky” snap-in. This small Threesome with thin soft leash. However, such a leash, I only had one.

I put imitation fish in the promising place and, looking ahead, I will say that this didn’t work. Actually, I’m not a fan bother with such niceties. Why? Pike from this lake is not going anywhere until the flood.

I’ll dolbly if not next fishing Gerlich, spinning. For this reason, all the imitation fish was “charged” the same. Tee to pierce the bait fish to the back and all.

Biggest pike I caught on a roach and crucian. Was I have three old self-made imitation fish, which I got from 90-year-old grandfather. I put them in turn Erika, where I caught a pike on spinning in the fall.

The first hour of these imitation fish stood as if no pike there otrodjas was not found, but when I moved these three imitation fish a little deeper — the most extreme worked. When I found “the shot”, the whole fishing line from the spool has been wound, and someone unsuccessfully tried to steal a imitation fish under the ice. Imagine my surprise when, in the caught pike tee again sticking in the region of the mouth.

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I do not know whether there are such capricious days from other fishermen who catch pike by Gerlich. And I have not managed their actions affect the activity of predators.

The only thing I managed to do is to pass the type of fishing your friend. Even in a sluggish bite he imbued with the idea of magic traps and now can not wait when we go again to catch Moody pike.


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