Pidhrushna won the silver medal at the European Championships in biathlon


Ukrainka was on top.

Ukraine’s Olena Pidhrushna has taken second place in the final super sprint at the European Championships in biathlon, which takes place these days in Belarusian Raubichi, reports the with reference to Browser.

Our sportswoman was the distance without penalty laps and used only one additional cartridge, but it did not allow her to circumvent the Russian Evgeny Pavlov, that perfectly spent the race, accurately closed all targets.

“Wooden” medal was won by Valj Semerenko, losing a desperate struggle for “bronze” the French Chevalier with a delay of 3 seconds from the third position. Anastasiya Merkushyna also failed to win the medals, finishing in sixth place.

Other representatives of Ukraine on the course was Vita Semerenko Julia Zhuravok. They entered the top-20, finishing in 16th and 18th positions, respectively.


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