Physicists have found a way into the fourth dimension


Физики нашли путь в четвертое измерениеThree-dimensional objects can be “shadow” four-dimensional objects.

A group of physicists from the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Professor Mikael Rechtsman found its way into the fourth dimension of space. The results of their study published in the journal Nature.

Physics relied on survey data, which in 2016 was awarded the Nobel prize. Scientists have created a special two-dimensional structure, using lasers, and have achieved results reminiscent of the quantum Hall effect (conduction two-dimensional electron gas in strong magnetic fields at low temperatures).

The researchers noted that three-dimensional objects cast two-dimensional shadows that allow us to judge the form of these items. Complicated calculations have shown that three-dimensional objects can be “shadow” four-dimensional objects.

Scientists have indicated that closer to understanding four-dimensional space. The world around us has three spatial dimensions, but in physical models may be more. For example, in superstring theory considers 10 spatial dimensions.

In December 2017, it became known that astrophysicist Christophe Con from the Danish technical University has defined the speed of light in space with two time dimensions. But physicists from the National accelerator laboratory named Enrico Fermi in the United States published the results of their research in search of evidence of the existence of the Universe with a large number of measurements.


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