Physicians suggested which beverage may protect against colon cancer


Медики подсказали, какой напиток может защитить от рака кишечникаTomato juice helps against aging and cancer.

It turned out that tomato juice industrial production can be extremely useful, is the tests conducted by experts of the Russian Union of juice producers, together with scientists from the Center for food and biotechnology.

The content of useful nutrients in the juices of industrial production could surpass those of fresh tomatoes and freshly squeezed juice, announced in the end researchers.

What is more useful – tomatoes, fresh tomato juice, or juices of industrial production? The study of their effects on the human body allowed the scientists to conclude that the juices of industrial production can rightfully claim to be very useful for people’s health.

“To get the product, pushes old age and successfully fighting tumor processes enough to walk to the nearest grocery store and buy a pack of tomato juice,” he said for this reason the authors of the project.

Examination passed 10 samples of tomato juice, more than 70 samples of the recovered tomato juice and 19 samples of tomatoes. According to the expert conclusion, the recovered juice was a real treasure trove of useful for the organism micronutrients. In particular, by results of check it has become a “champion” in content of pectin – a soluble dietary fiber, the use of which is essential to the prevention of tumors of the intestine.

“The content of pectins recovered juice is not inferior to the juice of direct extraction, and the total content of dietary fiber may even surpass it. In the industrial glass of tomato juice contains about 12% of the daily requirement of man in pectin and about 8% of the dietary fiber in whole”, -stated the specialists.

Moreover, in tomato juice counted the presence of more than 30 beneficial nutrients, including vitamins C and E, provitamin a, carotenoids, antioxidants, and the minerals potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron. In the restored packaged juices the contents of all micronutrients is not inferior to their content in the juice, said the researchers.

For reference: a glass of tomato juice daily value of the antioxidant lycopene, nearly 20% of the daily requirement in vitamin A and vitamin E, about 10% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.


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