Physicians are reminded of the important rules of drinking alcohol


Медики напомнили о важных правилах употребления алкоголяIn order not to harm the health, you need to follow the recommendations of doctors in relation to alcohol consumption.

For anybody not a secret that alcohol is one of the most dangerous beverages that cause persistent dependence.

In addition, any alcohol contains not only ethanol, but also other harmful substances that clog up the blood vessels and the liver.

Doctors repeatedly reminded that drinking a lot and often do not, however, their advice is some people are fundamentally ignored.

Those for whom it is important to maintain its health, doctors suggested how to drink alcoholic beverages:

1. Along with alcohol, drink plenty of water.

2. Do not mix alcoholic drinks, and to stop the choice on any one.

3. Do not smoke when drinking alcohol – it only doubles the toxic load on the body.

4. If drinking alcohol, not carbonated, because the carbon dioxide assists in the absorption of carcinogens in the blood, which is dangerous to life and health.

5. It is advisable not to eat alcohol with sweets, because the level of glucose will rise sharply and the vascular system and the liver may be difficult to cope with the load.

6. Before the use of alcoholic cocktails, and after you should drink 2-3 tablets of activated charcoal, as it has powerful absorbent properties that is very useful for the body, because the toxins do not have time to be absorbed.

7. Drink alcohol only with a full stomach. First, so you can protect the digestive organs from the heavy load. Second, do not be drunken after 100 ml of wine. Thirdly, to avoid hangover.

8. To comply with the measure is the most important rule that not everyone follow, and in the morning complain of a severe headache, nausea and other symptoms of hangover.

Take note of the advice of doctors and then the alcohol will not harm your health.


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