Photographer nine years photographing in the subway of the same people. Photo


Street photography by Danish photographer Peter Funch.

People often complain that time goes, and everything around is changing dramatically. However, the photo project by Danish photographer illustrates a completely different situation. Poised to the main entrance of the Central subway station in new York, he photographed passers-by for nine years, and when he began to analyze the shot footage, I noticed an interesting trend.

Since 2007 Peter Funch (Peter Funch) from Denmark photographed the morning the flow of people at the main subway station in new York. For his project he chose the morning rush hour – from 8:30 to 9:30. Photos over the years accumulated very much, and dealing with the sort of footage it took Peter almost a year. However, in the process of viewing the captured portraits of passers-by, the photographer noticed that he has footage of the same people.

Peter noticed that the shot of the same people, sometimes within a few years. “It’s hard to believe that it is possible to see the same people who repeat the same ritual for ten years,” says his project Peter Funch. – “That’s so new York, the idea that people repeat their actions again and again, year after year. “The book is called “42nd and Vanderbilt”.

“When I see people from year to year doing the same things, dress the same, I think – Hey! Yes, change something! Add something new to your closet! But on the other hand, it makes me reflect on each of these people – they are alone? they happy? sad? it all matter to them? Easy to say when watching from the side. But more often in such arguments, we do not notice their own lives, that it is monotonous.”

The photographs of Peter is clearly seen as people remain for years in the same style, wearing almost identical clothes, rarely change hairstyle, not to mention the fact that they are from year to year are one and the same route at the same time. The years go by, but in fact little has changed.


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