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The Austrian Chancellor suggested not to take the ships with refugees

According to the Chancellor, not every ship can moor in the EU.Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz opposed to the court with the rescue at sea of migrants have arrived in European ports.According to the newspaper, Kurtz in a telephone with the Prime Minister...

Seismologists predicted a major earthquake

Catastrophe happens with a probability of 80%.The last time the geological picture around the world is deteriorating. Recently, for example, the users of the service GSN Heliplots supported by the U.S. Geological survey, noticed the blackening of all sensors around the world. This...

Ksenia Sobchak showed pictures with a young son

Star mom boasted achievements of the baby.After the birth of her son Plato fans are delighted at the changes that have occurred with Ksenia Sobchak.TV presenter, which is often ironically spoke about motherhood, and now she publishes delicate pictures with the baby. Thus,...