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These methods will help you Wake up without the caffeine

Many people are mistaken when they believe that the invigorating coffee exclusively.In fact, it is easy to Wake up or to cheer up at the equator of the working day without caffeine. The vast majority of people cannot imagine their mornings without coffee, but...

“Golden youth” showed how the rich spend the summer. Photo

They are not used to save money on their pleasures.With the onset of summer the social network started filling with pictures from vacation. Especially pathetic pictures published, representatives of the "Golden youth" who used to travel in style. Let's look at a typical photo...

The robot dog walked on a busy street

Robotics went with the Spot Mini in the busy street of Hanover, where the "dog" pose for photos with passers-by.Experts in us-Japanese technology company Boston Dynamics showed how one of their robotic "dog" Spot Mini - walks along a busy street in Hanover and...