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These simple products can best restore the light

Scientists have discovered that grapes and blueberries are most useful for light.Fruits and vegetables contain many beneficial nutrients, such as flavonoids. As is known, the flavonoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Scientists have found that anthocyanins (the substances belonging to flavonoids) can protect lung...

About Sun flying UFO the size of the Earth

The origin of the giant object is not yet established.Well-known ufologist George Graham on his YouTube channel "Streetcap1" has published a video in which to share new observations. Specialist in recent times is of particular interest to NASA images that reveal the solar...

China has shown the new sedan Volkswagen

The Assembly of the car will be produced in Shanghai.In China presented the hatchback a new generation. The sales will begin closer to the fall this year. We will remind, under the name Volkswagen Lavida for sale in China adapted to the local...