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Mysterious planet Nibiru could collide with Earth

Ufologists have shared their prediction.Ufologists have determined that this year there can be a clash of Nibiru and Earth. Supposedly planet X has not disappeared, it tends in the direction of our planet.Expert meeting on this subject organized in April. The conference will...

The famous singer was going to sue my own dad

Rihanna was surprised by a loud statement.Rihanna intends to sue his own father Ronald Fenty.The reason which prompted the famous Barbadian singer for such a radical step was the use of the name Ronald singer in the mercenary purposes. Mr. Fenty exploited the...

Rejuvenation has become a reality

Nutrients for rejuvenation can be found in everyday products.A group of researchers led by Professor Lorna Harris (Lorna Harries) from Exeter University in England rejuvenated old cells, which gradually accumulate in the human body, thereby contributing to the development of age-related diseases.Scientists developed...