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The Dnieper river in bright pictures from Instagram. Photo

The city is cloudy weather.Already that day the weather in the river experiencing the nerves of the locals to the test. Lie in the bed outside the window the sun is shining, but once you get out of the house, it just hides behind...

Toyota Land Cruiser transformed with tuning

SUVs have transformed beyond recognition.Toyota Land Cruiser is a very popular model all over the world, so wanting to "pump" it too much.The TOP 3 most extreme tuning projects "Kruzak" entered the bright and rare specimens that cannot be seen on the streets....

TCL has announced the launch of a smartphone-transformer

TCL is working on a foldable smartphone that transforms into a smart watch.Company TCL, one of the three largest TV manufacturers in the world and owns the brand BlackBerry Mobile, developed its first foldable smartphone-transformer. Recent patents TCL indicate the development of at least...