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The US President spoke about the unfriendly behavior of Turkey

Donald trump commented on his vision of relations with Turkey.Turkey is "not friendly," hold pastor Andrew Brunson, told reporters the President of the United States Donald trump."Turkey does not behave in a friendly way... Believe that Turkey is behaving very bad," he said,...

Cyclic cosmology: scientists have shared a new theory about the Universe

The new theory is quite unusual.According to the latest scientific researches in space can be kept evidence of past Universes – black holes that have survived from the previous cycle.Some scientists believe that the universe is periodically compressed and explodes again. This theory...

Announced the name of the new contestants of “Dancing with the stars”

Ex-member of groups Nikita A. R. M. I. A joined the project.Ex-member of groups Nikita A. R. M. I. A joined the legendary project "Dances with stars z" in the new season.One of the most desirable women in the country, actress, model, cover-girl...