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Fairy tale in reality: it looks like the most beautiful city of France. Photo

The small French town, where life looks like a picture from the book.Colmar — a picturesque Alsatian town with well preserved old quarters in which the spirit of the past. Colmar is a small charming town in Alsace, which was founded by Emperor Charlemagne...

This summer berries will help to reduce the risk of heart disease

Found miracle quality raspberryIf you eat a smoothie with raspberries every second day, you can reduce the risk of heart disease, and therefore heart attack by 15%.To such conclusion experts of the Royal College of London, write the "Facts". Through research, scientists have come...

Became known, when will be the first smartphone with flexible screen

The novelty will be a 7-inch displaySamsung Corporation in the first half of 2019 will release a smartphone with a bendable screen that will be folded like a book. About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal said people familiar with the matter.The novelty will...