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Doctors told why it is useful to Wake up at six in the morning

There are a number of specific factors that are able to ask the body to tone in the morning.At this time there is good recovery of most cells in the body.Scientists say that people need to Wake up at six in the morning. According...

Surprising facts about the life of Swiss citizens. Photo

This is an amazing country. Yes, you probably know that in Switzerland there are Alpine mountains, secure banks and a lot of chocolate. But you probably didn't know the other — sometimes strange and crazy facts about this country. For example, it is the...

The producer told about the features of the new “Terminator”

The previous part was devoted to artificial intelligence.Producer of new film series "Terminator" James Cameron has shared details of the upcoming picture. According to him, it will be significantly different from previous installments of the franchise. "We are now working on a new movie...