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Nutritionists reminded of how much fruit and vegetables you need to eat every day

Experts have calculated the optimal dose of fruits and vegetables a day.Scientists have figured out how many servings of fruits and vegetables we should eat to extend your life, and in what form it is better to use.It used to be that a person...

Iran launches new ballistic missile

The khorramshahr missile capable of carrying multiple warheads.As noted, that the missile flight range of 2 thousand kilometers capable of carrying multiple warheads. This rocket has recently been presented at a military parade in Tehran.According to Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the...

BMW has introduced a powerful sports car

A sports car has outstanding speed parameters.At the Frankfurt motor show BMW showed racing coupe GTE M8. This dvuhdverka automaker will compete in the world championship on races on endurance, but will also participate in the marathon "24 hours of Le Mans."Novinka equipped with...