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Called the optimal frequency of fasting days.

The dietician commented on the unloading of the body.Fasting days are shown almost everything, despite the weight and state of health, because during the "unloading" of the body not only burns excess fat, but also actively gets rid of toxins and harmful substances....

Legendary car from advertising The Beatles will go under the hammer

Car covered with thousands of coins.At the auction put Morris Mini Minor 1968 issue, which was used to promote the smash hit of The Beatles.The item description on the website selling Performance Auto Gallery is noted that this car was used in England...

Nastya Kamenskih learned Spanish and going on a distant tour

The singer in a new way NK will go on tour through Latin America.Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky admitted that during a tour of Latin America, learned Spanish, and even became popular among the locals. She told about it to Katya Osadchaya in...