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Called products that cannot have a cold

Experts told about the foods that better not have cold.If you think that is important, and to spend time on warming up of food is not necessarily find out what people think about doctors. According to them, food, eat cold, can inhibit the metabolism...

Scientists have discovered the oldest periodic table

Table lying in the warehouse of laboratory equipmentIn one of the Scottish universities has discovered the oldest "heritage" Dmitry Mendeleev."Found the oldest periodic table. The find dates back to 1885. He opened the periodic law in 1869. Table during cleaning was discovered by Dr....

Ford will release elektroversiya its most popular models

This was stated by the Director of the company Ford, James Hackett. For the first time about the electrification of Ford pickup trucks in talking in 2017. Then mark began developing a hybrid F-150, the most popular models in the U.S. market.Since that time,...